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Hand sanitizer virus-free.
Freshness without stickiness, 1 minute eradication without alcohol smell!!

The best vaccine is cleanliness. Reducing the number of germs on your hands can prevent about 70% of infectious diseases. Virus-free was recognized first in a tricky foreign country. We have achieved exports to 50 countries in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Not only the disinfection effect but also the smell is mild and the skin does not dry by using natural fermented grain casting. Most other products use synthetic ethyl alcohol, which makes the skin very dry and has a strong smell, making it difficult to use in the long term. The virus free consists of fermented grains, herbal efficacies, and chlorine dioxide (ClO2) purified water, so you can use it freely with confidence. It's mild and has no irritation, so it can be used on all skin types and can be used by the entire family.

Volume: 100 ml

How to use
Sprinkle an appropriate amount of water when washing and rinse it with water. Spray an appropriate amount while it is dry for normal use and let it absorb into you.

purified water, ethanol (alcohol), lemon balm extract, glycerin, olive oil, menthol, peppermint, flavour, retinol, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, and chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
World's first storage, transportation, and high concentration technology (6,000 ppm)

Chlorine dioxide is recognized by all international organizations, including WHO, EPA, FDA, JECFA, USD, HACCP, KFDA, KFDA, and Korea Food and Drug Administration, as a 'perfect eco-friendly disinfectant' that does not destroy amino acids and does not produce any harmful substances, and is widely applied in agriculture, medicine, livestock, water treatment, and food additive manufacturing. However, chlorine dioxide was volatile in the form of radicals, making it difficult to store and transport at room temperature, but it is now possible by Altzena engineers. Chlorine dioxide is not a chlorine but an oxygen-based disinfectant .

★The Principle of Sterilization
Sterilization is also called in other words the deactivation of the virus. This is a condition in which the virus cannot survive and multiply. There are four main ways that viruses can't survive under certain conditions.

1) The metabolism and synthesis of cells are impossible due to the denaturation of enzymes.
2) Damage to the cell membrane changes the permeability of the cell membrane and leaks Ca2 +, Mg2 + and RNA from the cell.
3) RNA and ribosomes are disassembled.
4) Chromosome or its constituent DNA is damaged

Viruses consist of DNA or RNA and proteins in the outer walls surrounding them. The diffusion process involves a virus adsorbing host cells and DNA or RNA invades host cells and replicates them, which our viral agents make impossible.

Usage and Dilution Ratio
Space sterilization: 50 to 100 ppm in schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc
Pen : 150 to 200 ppm inside and outside of a pen
Medical Equipment: 50 to 100 ppm

Permit Number
* FDA Registration No.10071038
* EU Registration No.2015/830
* Germany No. N-92265
* KFDA Registration No. 20160513307-1
* FITI : M287-20-03803
* ISO9001 Registration No.Q328220
* KOREA PATENT No.10-1919332, 10-1502503
* Life-Chemical Products Subject to Safety Verification
Report No.GB20-21-0629
WI-Sarang Natural laundry detergent
The cleaning power is UP! No worries about detergent residues!

Economical use with 3 times higher concentration!

A mild and safe detergent with olive oil ingredients.
No harmful ingredients such as phosphate, fluorescence enhancer, pigmentation, etc!
A safe detergent with a clean smell with baking soda.

WI-Sarang natural laundry detergent is a genuine organic laundry detergent made up of only natural substances and does not use synthetic surfactant or chemical ingredients at all. It's economical because it's super-concentrated detergent that doesn't need any fabric softener. The main ingredient is 100% natural-fermented cosmetics, so I paid attention to skin protection. WI-Sarang Natural Laundry detergent is an eco-friendly detergent that is safe for fish to eat by flowing into the river or the sea, and even considered improving the water quality environment. Use it with confidence.
I recommend for these kinds of people.

Anyone who has atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, erythrocyte dermatitis, and acute constitution
Anyone who needs fiber protection without fabric softener
Anyone who wants to keep a subtle natural scent.
Aanyone who wants to use a mild and clean natural laundry detergent

Volume: 1,000ml
Mineral Tumbler
Antioxidant, excellent reducing power, large amounts of minerals, alkali water.

Make healthy water with balanced, mineral-rich reducing water.

Small water particles make your throat soft, absorb quickly, boost your metabolism, and quickly release unnecessary waste from your body. If you simply pour water in, you can conveniently return it to mineral water anytime.
Using eco-friendly milk bottle materials that do not have any environmental hormones, we thought of health, and it is safe to add boiling water due to the high temperature of heat resistance.

Volume: 500ml
The special technology of copper compression fabric, the raw material of Artzena's copper mask, blocks harmful dust and quickly sterilizes infectious viruses as soon as they approach.

●Excellence of virus growth inhibition and deodorization by copper coating.
●Comfortable breathing with ergonomic design.
●Can be reused more than 50 times when washing.
●Comfortable comfort and excellent elasticity.
●No worry of moisture due to excellent breathability.