"Turning back to the years of your skin with natural fermentation extract materials."
The HL ARTZENA technical research team has utilized the characteristics of natural extracts and ARTZENA nano-active substances derived from biological cultivation to the fullest in our lab.
To ensure stability, the product has been tested for skin pathology and the environment has been respected as an environmentally friendly product.
What is HL ARTZENA fermented cosmetics?
It is specialized that Fermented cosmetics not only ferment natural ingredients and contain excellent nutritional ingredients, but also nanotechnology molecules during the fermentation process so that they are absorbed deep into the skin.
Fermented cosmetics go through the fermentation process naturally, unlike general cosmetics that go through the chemical process. Therefore, it is not toxic and does not irritate the skin, so it can be used from newborn to adult.

HL ARTZENA Fermented Cosmetics Features
Features 1 – Increased sterilization and preservative effect
Features 2 – Natural Effective Particle Nano conversion
Features 3 – Energy supply into cells
Features 4 – Increases skin toxin adsorption and emissions effect
HL ARTZENA Cosmetics Material Characteristics
No addition of 8 kinds harmful ingredients
NO Antioxidant / NO Synthetic Surfactant / NO Scent, Pigment / NO Viscosity agent / NO Emulsifier / NO Preservative / NO Moisturizer / NO Compound stabilizer
FDA Unique Number
MMDG Test No : T12-1112
MMDG Study No : GLP-2012-018
Skin irritation test completed in accordance with U.S. FDA GLP Regulations "Reto-Jin"
ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility
Korean Food and Drug Administration admission
Manufacture method of Natural Active Cosmetics
Used fermented ingredients for 6 months to 20 years or more
Development of Natural Surfactant
Development of Natural Preservatives
Why Do I have to use natural cosmetics?
Continuing to use cosmetics containing various chemicals such as synthetic surfactants, preservatives, and artificial flavors can make your skin dry, cause rapid aging, skin trouble, and turn it into sensitive skin. Especially, modern women's skin is aging fast due to skin damage and poor immune system caused by chemical cosmetics that have been used it since childhood. The skin is a living cell. In order for damaged cells to become healthy and smooth normal skin, they must use natural products that have no chemical ingredients to return to your original healthy and elastic skin.